Thursday, May 8, 2014

"FACTORY" & Children

Since one year,  i edit a documentary comic "FACTORY" about the life of a barbie factory worker (from the memory of author Yang Yu-chi's mother). 

one day i saw this video, than i write to author Yu-chi to discuss about an illustration at the end of the book.
i said, in the whole story, we only see the factory and the worker's life, maybe in this illustration we can put where we consume, it could remind people that we are also talking about what they buy.

In the beginning, we try to present a huge toy store, just like in the video, but the result is not very good, so Yu-chi decided to draw two children with many toys. 

This is the final drawing.
i put it for the back cover

This book was draw for adult, but i often think about what would be the children's reaction for this book, this story is very simple but there is something very deep behind it, could a child understand it? But in the same time, a child might accept better a comic without language! 

i live in the country side where the children have no toys, they all live in a "real" world, but they are still very pure. They know the price of everything, they understand the death(we never told them something like somebody just go to somewhere very far or became an angle), they make toy with everything they found on the road, they play on the road but they watch out the cars. So when i go back to the city, i feel very strange to see the most of children live in the fairy tail or a wonderful world. Why not to try to make them think about where everything  came from and how different people live their life.

Maybe they will trust that all the toy was made by penguins, but at least they will have a reflection about their toy but not just play it.

So anyway, i really hope that people who buy this book will read it with their children or future children, and please tell me what they think.

But please pay attention! Don't let your children destroy the precious screen-printed book!!!   

the left side is a scene of mother and child in " FACTORY"

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